Siargao. The next Boracay?

SIARGAO; an island off the coast of Surigao del Norte. With nine (9) municipalities, Siargao is best known as the Philippines’ surfing capital. But that didn’t stop there, the white beaches, enchanted lagoon, naked island, coves and caves are just a few of what I personally experienced in Siargao.


A jargon that means “euphoria” or being on top of the world. But for tourist and surfers, it is way more than that. Though it gives a relatively short wave, the fact that it barrels nearly the whole way — that guarantees satisfaction.

Cloud 9 is best during mid to high tides, but for beginners like me a mid-tide is enough. Surfing when the tide is extremely shallow brings risk to getting hurt since the water has precious corals underneath and most have rough texture with sharp edges.


A short day-trip boat ride from Del Carmen municipality (or General Luna municipality). Sugba lagoon is one spectacular lagoon surrounded by green mountains. It has deep blue-green waters – just enough beauty to lure one to swim.

Before heading to the lagoon, it is advisable to bring packed lunch since the resort no longer cater food services anymore. (Check municipal ordinance)

Here, one can have a paddle boat ride for only P300 or bamboo float ride, if one prefers to float with friends. Never leave Sugba Lagoon without plunging into the waters. There is no need to worry for the water keeps one afloat even without the vest.


Siargao isn’t only for surfers but for nature lovers as well. The clean turquoise waters surrounding Daku Island and Guyam Island are proofs that Siargao is an Island of paradise.

Are you a sea food lover? Daku Island serves fresh fish: grilled, fresh, adobo, tinola – name it and the locals can have it cooked for you. For shell-lovers, they also serve huge oh lala shells (Kinason), try the adobo kinason to satisfy your cravings. Your tummy will surely leave the place happy.


Chill in one of magpupungko’s rock pools while admiring the roaring waves just a few meters away from you. These stunning pools only show up during low tides.

To sum it up, Siargao is the place that keeps me want to come back year after year. I just can’t help but adore and admire God’s beautiful, if not impeccable, gift that all of us can truly enjoy. Happy vacay!

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Beach and beyond

Beach. White sand. Summer breeze. These, among others, are the things that cross my mind when I hear the word “summer”. And now that it is officially here, let me take you to one of the places I’ve been — which I consider one of my favorites during summer. La Isla, Camiguin!

Some spots you wanna spend hour at:

  1. Take a morning splash at the Camiguin White Island.
    white island
    White Island

    This generally horseshoe-shaped island attracts thousands of tourists every year. This island has no trees nor blades of grass, purely white sand amidst the deep blue sea. People usually visit the island before sunrise or before the tide gets high.

  2. Sunken Cemetery
    sunset at the Sunken Cemetery

    Since my grandma was a local of Camiguin, she used to tell us that Mt. Hibok-hibok’s eruption caused the cemetery to sunk. On one of my travels to Camiguin, I went to visit the Sunken Cemetery, and true to my grandma’s words, I saw the graveyard scenery myself.

  3. Mantigue Island
    photo: ctto

    Contrary to the White island, Mantigue island has that so-called forest-like atmosphere. Feel like shooting in a forest-like-setting where you get to walk on a leaf-carpeted path? Well, Mantigue island is the place to be. The island is clean, the forest is green, and the air fresh.

    4. Giant Clams Sanctuary

    Clams Grave Yard

    A short side-trip to observe a couple of live giant clams is a good idea especially for tourists who loves nature from the deep. For only P 25.00 (Sanctuary’s entrance fee), you get to see these clams up-close. Also, diving gears (snorkeling or goggles) are available for rent for only P 150.00.

    5. Old Church Ruins

    old church.jpg This 16th century old church is one of the places in Camiguin that I love to visit and re-visit over and over again. Guiob Cgurch ruins is located in Catarman, Camiguin.    This church was one among those destroyed by the eruption of Mt. Hibok-Hibok in the early 1800’s.


             HERE are some pictures I took during my travel to the island..